Our Story

It all started when…

We grew up in Northwestern Iowa ( small town called Armstrong), but spent the last 30 years in Minneapolis where we raised two daughters, and Gary had a successful career as a lawyer. In 2013 we decided we needed a change in our life. It was time to do something completely different that was more of a passion, rather than a job. But what could that be? Gary had been making hard apple cider at home for a few years, thanks to a Christmas gift from our youngest daughter, and he made a great cider. So we decided to start looking into expanding that and opening a hard apple cidery and tasting room. 

While visiting family for holidays we ended up in Winterset. The charm of moving back to a small vibrant town in our home state near family was exactly what we wanted. Soon everything just started falling into place. Debbie fell in love with a 100 year old home she could work on, and they found the perfect property to build the cidery. Debbie moved to Winterset in the spring of 2014 and Gary followed a year later after finishing up his practice.