Estate Blend

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When a corporate lawyer decides to give it all up and build a cidery, some people scratch their heads. But hey, a wise man once told me, “dare greatly,” and I took that to heart. It’s not the critic or the nay savers that count. Real victory goes to the person who stands in and takes a chance, takes the risk and relies on himself to succeed. At best he finds the triumph of achievement, and at worse he fails while “daring greatly,” so he will never be with the cold timid soles who never know victory or defeat. Okay enough of the speech, but this is a proud moment for me. After more than 4 years in the making, we have our first estate blend hard cider made exclusively from the apples grown in our own orchard. There were over a dozen varieties in the blend including many real cider apples. No other additives, juices, concentrates, flavorings…just the juice from our own apples and a little yeast. We have a limited quantity of what we are calling the 2018 Estate Blend, and it will be available on this year’s opening day May 10th until the supply runs out. This semi-dry cider has a full body and mouth feel with an alcohol content just over 7%. We look forward to seeing you this season at Winterset Cidery. We will be reprising several flavor favorites and introducing several new ones. There will be more fun live music events, some other creative get togethers, and, of course, Trivia nights!

Get Your Cider On!

Nick Williams